Cupid’s rampage is a challenging 2D aim and shoot game where the aim of the game is to target people and animals to enchant them with cupid’s love arrows so that they can find love. The Ancient Greeks described many different kinds of love and we want to highlight these and enforce the message that 'Love is blind' and love is for all, no matter what you look like or who you are; male, female, gay, straight, human or animal.
For the scenario we used a funfair at a seaside pier with a Ferris wheel so that a variety of elements could be added to the aim aspect of the game.
A secondary theme of the game is based around silent movies of the 1930’s so we gave the game black and white colours and text boxes used in black and white films. In addition this is achieved through the use of piano cabaret solo music which is very specific to the time period mentioned above.
We wanted to give the player the option to experiment without the black and white filter and different music so we added options in the settings menu to allow the player to play their way.
There are alternate messages for each enchanted combination so we encourage you to try to find the all of them.


Aim - Space

Shoot - S

Tilt - A + D

All on-screen buttons can be clicked with mouse



Those hit with arrows show their true colours

Slight adjustments to descriptions and how they're displayed


Less falling off the map and out of ferris wheel

Font is actually bold now, should be easier to read

Development log


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It's a fun game but I couldn't figure it out what you're going for. There are two different concepts that not cooperated well with each other and it is all over the place. In the old scool version, the music is really in a poor quality and slightly irritating. Black and white makes it kinda boring. Cats are adorable tho